Saudi Arabia’s Newly Launched AROYA Saudi Cruises:

Saudi Arabia has a remarkable history, diverse culture, and unlimited resources become one of the countries that have largest stern economy in all Middle East. From the top oil manufacturer and exporter now it also contributes in numerous sectors such as the petrochemical industry, tourism, and entertainment as well as other sorts of industries.  Recently, the Saudi Kingdom launched a Saudi Cruise named AROYA which is presented as a sign of their commitment to the growth and development of the country’s economy. Here are some of the details we can share with you about the highly expect upcoming cruise of the Saudi Kingdom.

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Saudi Cruise AROYA:

As the Launch of AROYA Cruises symbolizes the Saudi Arabian tourism expansion in order to enhance the country’s economy. The cruise Name AROYA has been derived from the combination of two words which are Arabian and Roya which signifies the expression of vision and aspiration. AROYA Cruises have been designed with a capacity of about approximately 3,500 passengers and availability of other wide range of numerous facilities and activities on board while giving the tour of Saudi Arabia’s marvelous natural beauty, and historically rich spots which will present the diverse range of Saudi Arabia culture.

Career Opportunities:

The Launch of AROYA will also be beneficial for job seekers as it will provide job opportunities for Saudis residents which also including Women. According to estimated Statics, this Cruise will be able to welcome 1.3 million cruise tourists in the year 2035. As the visitor population increases job opportunities will also be enhanced and the job opportunities will be provided in a direct and indirect way in this cruise for Saudi Residents.

Contact Number:

If you wanted to know further details regarding the Cruise project you can visit their official website page for any queries. The official website page link is mentioned below. Enjoy your trip on AROYA Cruise.


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