Saudi Arabia’s New Visa 2023 Latest Updates and Rules:

Saudi Arabia is a country that is rich in Heritage culture, diverse traditions as well as marvelous beauty, and a quite popular country for Muslim tourists in terms of religion. They have been known for their stern visa terms and conditions. They have limited the international visa in recent past years due to some reasons. However, they have recently made significant changes in their visa policies by introducing a new sort of Visa as well as entry permits for tourists.

Table of Contents:

  • Latest Updates:
  • Saudi Oman Visa 2023:
  • Visiting Investor Visa:
  • Instant Visa:

·       Latest Updates :

In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Tourism has made a significant announcement regarding the entry process of those individuals who hold a United Kingdom, United States, or Schengen tourism visa and it also includes those individuals who hold permanent residents from the EU country.  Moreover, there is a significant advantage for the resident permanents that they are enabled to facilitate the entry of their parents as well as their siblings in Saudi Arabia. The ministry also elaborated that the tourists who come on visas are not allowed to participate in either the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage during the months of pilgrimage.

 Saudi Oman Visa 2023:

The Saudi Oman Visa is a sort of visa that facilitate tourists to visit both countries with a single application and fee. An effort of both countries in order to enhance the tourism industry and business cooperation between both countries as well. This Saudi Oman visa has not been introduced yet and its information is keeping limited to the people. However, tourists wanted to visit Saudi Arabia can apply online for a visa. Important note: This visa is only specific for tourism purposes and will not be granted for work and study purposes.

Visiting Investor Visa:

An electronic visa has been introduced in order to promote foreign business opportunities and investment as well as to enhance the economic development of the country. With the collaboration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Investment aims to promote business-related opportunities and exploration in certain sectors and areas within the Saudi Kingdom. This visa is only available to selected countries. As this visa program is still in progress procedure so its specifically related information is available on the online website.

·         Instant Visa:

Saudi Instant Visa is a newly introduced visa entry permit granted to only permanent residency holders in the United Kingdom, the United States as well as in Europe. This visa is granted to all individuals despite the applicant’s nationality. The online application form is available and by fulfilling the required procedure you will be granted an e-visa to the applicant. Important note the Saudi e-visa is only for tourism purposes the individual will not be allowed to participate in pilgrimage during the month of pilgrimage.

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