Exploring the 5 Best Sweet Shops in Jeddah Saudi Arabia:

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  2. List of 5 Best Sweet Shops in Jeddah Saudi Arabia
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Jeddah, a clamoring city on the shores of the Red Ocean, is known for its dynamic culture, rich history, and obviously, its delightful desserts. Among the various sweet shops that embellish the city’s roads, there are a couple of famous ones that stick out. In this article, we will take you on a brilliant excursion through a portion of Jeddah’s popular sweet shops, including Mezbaan Desserts, Mahawi Desserts, Tafareh, Green Desserts, Aani, and Dani.


List of 5 Best Sweet Shops in Jeddah Saudi Arabia:

  1. Mezbaan Sweet:

Settled in the core of Jeddah, Mezbaan Desserts is a name that reverberates with local people and vacationers the same. Known for its remarkable Arabic desserts, Mezbaan has been a sweet sanctuary since its foundation. From the second you step into the store, the fragrance of newly pre-arranged desserts drifts through the air, tempting your taste buds. Mezbaan’s Baklava is a must-take a stab at, highlighting layers of flaky cake, rich nuts, and sweet honey. Their Kunafa, a conventional Center Eastern treat, is another group pleaser, bragging an ideal equilibrium pleasantness and crunch.

Location:H655+QCH, Ibn Manzour, Aziziyah, Jeddah 23342, Saudi Arabia

2.Mahawi Sweets:

For those looking for a sample of custom, Mahawi Desserts is the spot to be. This beguiling sweet shop has been serving legitimate Arabic desserts for ages. The feature of Mahawi’s contributions is their knafeh, a baked good made with destroyed phyllo mixture, improved cheddar, and a shower of rosewater syrup. A wonderful sensation catches the pith of Jeddah’s culinary legacy.

Location:H6VQ+7GG, Al Samer, Jeddah 23462, Saudi Arabia


Assuming that you’re looking for something exceptional, Tafareh is the sweet shop for you. Tafareh has practical experience in creating imaginative pastries that consolidate conventional flavors with a cutting edge curve. One of their champion manifestations is the Pistachio Enjoyment, a combination of rich pistachio frozen yogurt and crunchy baklava layers. It’s a superb marriage of surfaces and tastes that you won’t find elsewhere.

Location: Al Amal, Al Naeem, Jeddah 23526, Saudi Arabia

4.Green House Sweets:

Green Desserts, as the name recommends, offers a scope of delightful treats with a green touch. Their pistachio-injected desserts are famous all through Jeddah. From pistachio-filled ma’amoul treats to pistachio-studded nougat, each nibble is a festival of this dearest nut. The store’s enticing green and white stylistic layout adds to the brilliant experience of enjoying their desserts.

Location:7742 District حي, Al-Baghdadiyah Al-Sharqiyah، 5429 King Khalid Road, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

5.AANI and DANI:

Aani and Dani, a powerful couple in the realm of Jeddah desserts, are known for their scrumptious kunafa rolls. These rolls are liberally loaded up with cream and sprinkled with syrup, making an ideal equilibrium of flavors. The cordial staff and inviting climate make Aani and Dani a most loved spot for families and companions to assemble over dessert.

Location: King Abdul Aziz Rd, Ash Shati, Jeddah 23414, Saudi Arabia


All in all, Jeddah’s sweet scene is a mother lode of flavors and customs, and these sweet shops, including Mezbaan Desserts, Mahawi Desserts, Tafareh, Green Desserts, Aani, and Dani, are vital pieces of the city’s culinary personality. Whether you’re a neighborhood or a guest, make certain to investigate these sweet sanctuaries to relish the legitimate preferences of Jeddah and make remarkable recollections.

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