Meta Introducing a New White Action Bar for WhatsApp Users: Let’s see how it Works

Table of Contents:


  • Introduction:

WhatsApp is a popular application that has been widely used by people all over the world. Nowadays it has become a necessity for all the professionals that are related to any sort of field. Recently, WhatsApp is upgrading new features for its clients. Now they introduce a refreshing feature named White Action Bar for its users. This new feature aims to give a smooth and modern presence while maintaining the functionality of the App. In this article, we will explore further details regarding this new feature and how much it will act a significant role in improving the Message experience of users.

  • Benefits of this Feature:

Following are some of the Benefits of White Action Bar are mentioned below:

  • Improved Visibility and Clarity:

The previous post design of the WhatsApp action bar was basically a colored action bar which was now replaced with a vivid minimalistic white bar. This alternative design not only gives WhatsApp enhanced visibility and clarity but also gives it a new fresh appearance that will attract its users while using the App. The icons and text will stand dominantly providing effortless navigation and interaction within the App.

  • The Consistency across the Platforms:

WhatsApp white Action bar maintains consistency across numerous platforms which includes many digital gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. This feature ensures that users get a familiar experience regardless of any device they are using on the spot.


  • How to get This Feature:

This feature is not built into WhatsApp but it can upgrade on your device by upgrading the present version of WhatsApp on the Play Store.

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