Top 5 Entertaining things you can do during your visit to Jeddah:

Jeddah is a highly vibrant and historical city in Saudi Arabia. Located on the western coast of Saudi Arabia. The most prominent feature of this city is the coastline along the Red Sea. This city is rich in history that vividly represents the civilization of ancient times. Jeddah is highly characterized by its beaches, inherited history as well s for its warm and delightful weather. All these features come together to make the city attractive for tourists. It is also renowned for its modern lifestyle and luxury resorts and highly facilitated residential complexes. Here are Recommendations of the top 5 things to do during your visit to the city of Jeddah which is appropriate for your convenience:

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· Discover the stunning Landmarks in Jeddah:

Jeddah is a city of remarkable landmarks that showcase ancient history, diversity of culture, and as well as architectural distinction. From the storied past to modern wonders, you will be enchanted by the stunning landmarks and remarkable history of this city.   One of the amazing marvels is the King Fahd Fountain which was built in the year of 1985 and was named after the Saudia Arabian King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz.  A stunning sight that is able to shoot the fountain water above 300 meters in height at an extraordinary rate of approximately about 1500 liters per second.


Explore the Silver Sand Beach:

Silver Sand Beach is located along the coastline of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. It is quite famous among visitors for its transparent water, shimmering Silver Sand as well as picturesque surroundings. It is proved to be the perfect destination to visit whether you are planning a day trip as well as for a weekend trip with family or loved ones. Sea-vie cafes and Restaurants will be available for delicious meals and drinks. Recommend bringing your sunscreen and your essentials at the beach and relish your visit and make memories with your loved ones at Beach!

Do your Shopping till you are tired:

If you are fond of shopping then Jeddah will be the perfect destination to fulfil your cravings. You can experience shopping with a mix of luxurious malls to local traditional markets. Numerous famous Shopping malls such as Red Sea Mall, Mall of Arabia, or Serena Mall here you can experience modern shopping. In Jeddah, you can cherish the moments of local shopping at luxurious malls where you can find a wide range of International or as well as local brands for shopping.

Enjoy the Delicious Cuisine in Jeddah:

If you visit Jedda and do not try the different cuisines in Jeddah Unfortunately, your visit will become quite boring and dull. Jeddah offers a wide range of numerous flavors. Whether you are craving traditional food or any other sort of cuisine it doesn’t matter Jeddah contains numerous cuisine and specialties in it and is highly recommended to try because they store delightful experiences in it. Don’t forget to try their famous and delicious iconic dish of kabsa as well as a flavorful meat dish and spices-rich rice dish that an amazing tender texture. Enjoy your delicious food with your families and loved ones there.

Enjoy your Picnic at AL Andalus Park:

Wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relish quality time with your loved ones? Then Al Andalus Park will be the perfect place for relaxation. Relish the numerous activities there including picnicking, long walks, and boating as well. Whether you are seeking a family picnic, a romantic spot for your spouse, and a relaxing place at Al Andalus Park you can experience all of it. Play areas for children are available here for all ages of kids. Furthermore, it will also offer refreshments food, and snacks so you can enjoy your visit to Park.

  • Conclusion:

These are the top 5 things where you can visit in Jeddah city and enjoy the memorable moments there. Hope you have a safe visit. And Enjoy with your family and loved ones there.