Now ChatGpt App will receive New Updates on Apple Store:

Chatgpt has become a game-changer in the field of Artificial Intelligence. An advanced artificial language model was recently developed by Open AI which was designed upon GPT-3.5 architecture which is especially manufactured in order to promote human-like interactions with the users. This artificial language model recently receives new updates on the Apple Store. These recently updated features will enhance the user’s experience and make the app features more efficient for the users so they can take advantage of new updated features. Now let’s discuss the features which are recently been updated on Apple Store:

Table of Contents

· Enhanced Integration with Siri:

Chatgpt has recently introduced improved integration with Siri which is actually an Apples Virtual Assistant. Through this feature, users will be able to access Chatgpt Intelligence directly through Siri by simply initiating a voice command. Through it, the users can engage with Chatgpt in conversation by using Input Outputs in order to make the conversation more efficient.

  • Shortcuts:

In this feature, the users will be able to save the cues for later use. These cues can be associated with numerous applications making the users independent and empowered so they can perform precise activities. Furthermore, the answers of Chatgpt now can be easily stored in a section of notes so you can automatically send them through the messaging apps.

·         Optimized for iPads:

Now the Chatgpt app has been Optimized by Open AI for the iPads to allow them so they can easily function on full-screen and can support a wide range of devices. The iPad users will receive full favor of App quality and will have an efficient experience.

·  Drag-Drop Feature:

The Chatgpt App will support the drag-drop feature which is found on Apple gadgets. In this feature, the Chatgpt responses can be easily forwarded to other apps just using the simple drag-drop method.

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