How Much it will cost to Renew a Saudi Arabia Passport:

Table of Contents:

·       Introduction:

When it comes to international traveling the fees associated with the country passport you desired to travel is highly significant in the matter of traveling. A country passport is essential in order to visit the country. If an individual is a Saudi Resident and willing to apply for his/her renewal of passport in the year 2023 then this article will prove beneficial for the person regarding the passport renewal matter. Furthermore, the process of renewing a passport has become quite a facile process as the General Directorate of Passports now provides its services through an online platform the Absher platform.



·        Fees of Renewal of Passport:

The cost of renewing the Saudi Arabia Passport in the 2023 year is mentioned below:

Passport Validity: Fee of Passport:
5-years Validity SAR 300
10-years Validity SAR 600


·         Important Note:

The fees of the Passport are non-refundable and must be paid through the Abshir App. However, the renewal fees that are processed through the Saudi Arabia Embassies will be charged about 100 -500 SAR  will be based depends upon the locations. It will become quite a complicated process an individual is advised to make contact with his near embassy in their country to get more knowledge about it.

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