How to get International Driving License in Saudi Arabia:

Table of Contents:

Ø  Introduction:

An International Driving Visa is a legal sort of document that will allow an individual to drive a vehicle in other foreign countries with a valid Saudi Arabia driving license. It is recognized in about 150 countries all around the world. It is essential to note that the individual will not have to obtain another separate driving license in order to drive the vehicle until the International Driving License is accompanied by the original Saudi Arabian Driven License.

  •   Procedure :


  • Requirements:

There are some of the requirements that an individual should meet are mentioned below:

  1. The person should have an original Saudi Arabia Driving License along with his copy.
  2. The person’s minimum age should be 18 years old.
  3. The copy of the individual passport.
  4. The Passport size image of the person.
  5. The person’s original Iqama and its copy.
  6. Fee will be about SAR195.


  • How to apply for it?

In order to apply for the International Driving License the method is mentioned below:

  1. Initially, the person has to apply through an online website SATA (Saudi Arabia Touring Association).


  1. Then fill up the basic details such as date of birth and place of birth.
  2. Then enter your Iqama number
  3. Your sort of vehicle that you are driving
  4. Then upload your images of the Passport, Driving License, and Passport size image of the applying Individual.
  5. If you cannot collect the driving license from the branches then you can ask them to deliver it to your doorsteps.


  •  The fee for the License:

The total amount that will cost an individual that is applying for the International Driving License will be about SAR 138 along with the 15 percent VAT.


  • Validity of the License:

The International Driving License will be valid for only 1 year but it is advised to renewed it every year during the traveling.

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