How can you convert your Foreign Driving License to a UAE License:

Table of Contents:

·        Introduction:

The United Nations of Emirates is a highly-developed country situated in the Middle East in the eastern region of the Arabian Peninsula. It is basically a federation of the seven emirates which are well-known for their luxuries, tourism, and as well as in terms of shopping malls around the world. If you ever have the wish of driving on the roads of UAE which have high road safety and their roads are well maintained you can make it into reality by exchanging your Foreign Driving License for the UAE driving License. As it sounds like quite a complicated process by its name. Fortunately, it is not it is surprisingly a simple process that a normal individual can do it as well.

  • What is the UAE Exchange Driving License?:

UAE is offering such an opportunity that offers to those individuals that are residents of the UAE and have a foreign driving license can exchange their driving license for the UAE Driving License so they easily enjoy their driving experience in the UAE. There are different eligibility criteria for the different countries.

·        Required Documents:

In order to exchange your driving license for a foreign driving license the following documents are required for this process which are mentioned below:

  1. Medical tests such as eyes test from an optician.
  2. Valid Foreign License.
  3. The copy of your Passport and Your Emirates ID.
  4. Two Images with a white Background.
  5. Arabic translation of the foreign driving license.

·        Procedure:

  1. Procedure for Dubai:

The following procedure steps are mentioned below:

  • Initially, visit the RTA website.


  • Then specify your country and the source of your driving license and then attach your driving license along with it.
  • After finishing the process you will receive a reference for future queries.


2.    Abu Dhabi:

The following procedure steps are mentioned below:

  • The applicant should be an Abu Dhabi resident in order to apply it.
  • Visit the Tamm website or Abu Dhabi Police Website in order to the online application form.



3.    Procedure Fee:


Emirates of UAE: Fee of Procedure:
Abu Dhabi AED 600
Dubai AED 870
Other Emirates They have to approach there near the traffic licensing department in order to pay the fee of the process.


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