KSA All private sector offices closed, workers work from homes

Saudi Arabia has closed all private-sector offices and instructed officials to work from home with some exclusion as mentioned below.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has issued an announcement between Tuesday and Wednesday that all the company’s Head-offices will be closed for 15 days, according to the Saudi Press Agency (WAS).

  • “In order to avoid Corona virus, the companies of companies associated with all sectors will be given 15 days to come to the office,” the ministry said.
  • “Companies working in the infrastructure sector will promote online services,” the ministry said.
  • “Companies associated with the power, water, and communications sectors also promote online work by giving their workers an execution from even paying off their dues in the offices,” the ministry said.
  • Private sector agencies should work in their benches to keep the lowest number of workers, not more than 40% of the total number of workers who are not asked to come to the office.
  • “If the company demands 40% of the people to be on duty in the brands for an essential reason, they must assure their safety and security,” the ministry said.

That ‘companies working in the primary sector will promote online services’

The ministry has said that “the precautionary measures should be taken in the way that employees are housed where more than 50 employees live in one place.” The body temperature must be checked when entering.

“It is important to keep an individual’s proper distance from the other in the company’s offices and the people’s residence,” the ministry said.

  1. “The institutes where women have children’s nurseries or gyms should be closed together,” the ministry said.
  2. The ministry has said that the company has a responsibility to “limit its people to show signs of health and health problems.”
  3. The ministry has said that “the agencies providing food, medicine and logistics support will be used from the decision.”
  4. The ministry has directed that “every employee should be given 14 days’ compulsory leave, which is a respiratory disease, with a weak natural immune system, problems with joints, pregnant women or breastfeeding or those over 55 years of age, 14 days of this holiday Will not be covered by the annual holiday.”
  5. The ministry has informed that “the institutions that cannot follow the decision should approach the relevant ministry which is directly supervised by them.”


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