New World Record for Oldest Groom

oldest Groom

Aarif Adiya al-Jadeya, a 103-year-old Jordanian citizen, set the World record for being the most important groom.

The citizen from the northern Jordanian town of Saama married a 49-year-old woman and surprised her sons and all relatives.

The first wife of a Jordanian citizen died a few months ago, Asper Al-Mursad website quoted Arm News as saying. The sons requested him to stay with them, which he rejected.

“Our 103-year-old has made a relationship with a 49-year-old woman,” relatives of the Jordanian citizen said. Now they will spend the rest of their lives with the new bride. ‘

Aaram Ibrahim, wife of Aarf al-Jidaiya, died in October 2019.

After the death of his mother, the sons tried to persuade their father to stay with him. They kept rejecting every request of the children, saying, I will live in my own home separately.

Relatives have said that ‘Aarf Donation al-Jadea’s health is very good and he has been doing business for the past. ‘

“They are young people, like the youth,” he says. That’s why they married at that age and surprised all relatives and relatives.’