Mixed Martial ARTS Saudi Player Winner

Saudi Arabia Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts Won by Saudi Arabia Player

Saudi player Abdullah al-Qattani won the mixed martial arts competition at the Amir Abdullah al-Faisal Stadium in Jeddah despite being broken in the match with Pakistan’s Zia Mashawani. In the second major event, Saudi player Mustafa Rashid River defeated Alex Fontes of France with a great skill.

According to Arab News, the special event of the Mixed Martial Arts event on home-traf was attended by players from saudi countries, including Saudi athletes.

“Although the opponent broke my back and it made it difficult, I didn’t want to cancel the match because I couldn’t do it in front of my family and the audience,” Abdullah al-Qattani, who won the Feder-Wet title, said after the match. I let them know about my injury.

That’s why I succeeded and hopefully i can perform better than that next time. “There has been an increase in awareness in Saudi Arabia about the game,” he said. The people here used to call all such sports as boxing, but now they can feel the difference in sports like the mix-martial arts, boxing and other similar games.

On the other hand, Mustafa Rashid has admitted that The Head of the General Sports Authority, Prince Abdul Aziz bin Turki, has paved the way for us to play such games. “I’m happy to win another competition,” he said after the contest.

“It is more important that Saudi athletes can win from international champions,” he added. Earlier, there was no federation for Saudi athletes to show their enthusiasm. Now here is the Saudi Mixed Martial Arts Federation, headed by Abdul Aziz Al-Jledan. It is an honor for us to participate in this fight under the Saudi Federation.