Best Shopping sites in Saudi Arabia

As there are multiple sites available in Saudi Arabia however in this blog, we will be mentioned only the top category shopping apps with high quality stuff and with economical prices. Online shopping is hobby in Saudi Arabia and mostly people preferred online shopping in order to save time and money with good deals. Following…

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masjid e nabvi

5 Hidden spots inside Masjid-e-Nabvi

Madina city Medina city setting its example in beauty is located in the western region of Saudi Arabia. Medina is considered the second holiest place of Islam after Makkah city. It’s the capital of Saudi Arabia. According to 2020 statistic medina city comprises 1,488,782, and the population is the fourth most populated being in the…

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Best Abaya/ Hijab Places in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia has the biggest market for Abaya and Hijabs. Abaya is a traditional black cloak but over time abaya is also designed in a stylish way. There are many designers who design abayas gorgeously for women who like to wear this. Abaya and hijabs are very famous in the Arab culture. Here is the…

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oldest Groom

New World Record for Oldest Groom

Aarif Adiya al-Jadeya, a 103-year-old Jordanian citizen, set the World record for being the most important groom. The citizen from the northern Jordanian town of Saama married a 49-year-old woman and surprised her sons and all relatives. The first wife of a Jordanian citizen died a few months ago, Asper Al-Mursad website quoted Arm News…

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Egyptian ‘super dad’ saves girl

The citizen did this by making this move, not only that he and others risked their lives. He should have used the underpass to get the passenger train platform from the mall platform. Egyptian Railway Administration The father who played for his life has been fined by the railways for saving his Daughter from a…

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DATE A SACRED FRUIT #Dates are considering a sacred fruit in Islamic countries. The date palm 🌴 mentioned more than any other fruit-bearing plant in the QURAN is a symbol often associated with ISLAM and MUSLIMS. The date is also referred to in the HOLY QURAN as one of the blessings that would be offered…

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