Pakistani Herdsman goes viral on Social Media Platforms:

An 82-years old Pakistani herdsman Abdul Qadir Bakhsh lives in a Balochistan village named Goth Hajji Rahim went viral due to his way of appearance on Social media platforms. He returned to his home as he performed Umrah. He does not have any access to the internet or does not own a cell phone. He lives his most of life in poverty so in order to fulfill his desire to perform Umrah he saved money for 15 years. Unfortunately, in the time of corona, his passport got expired due to the disastrous situation of the pandemic all over the world. But he doesn’t lose hope and sold out his herd so he can be able to renew his passport. With weak eyesight and walking with the support of a walking stick he somehow manages to perform Umrah. As he was roaming alone in the Prophet mosque some other person make his video due to his simple appearance and the video went viral on social media platforms.

People on social media start commenting on his videos that his appearance is resembling the appearance of Sahaba(companions of Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.)). But in the interview, Abdul Qadir vividly denied the compliment by saying that I am not any Sahaba. Many people and New channels visit him in order to meet him or take his interview about his experience in Mecca and Madina and his viral video. In one of his interviews, he confessed that he is saving money at present in order to perform Hajj.


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