WhatsApp Updated Two Features to improve the User experience:

WhatsApp has become a highly-rated App all over the Google Play store. They have multiple users all over the world and at present time it becomes a necessity for all professionals related to any field. WhatsApp is also well-known for its new features which are being updated with the passage of time. They introduce more new features to their users in order to make their experience more convenient. Certainly, they have introduced additional two new features to their users.  According, to the App tracking website they have updated the Redesigned Community settings and Keyboard features.

Now individuals can take advantage of these features through the proper console. Through the Keyboard feature users can scroll the Keyboard upward on the screen and view the list of Emojis properly. Furthermore, the users can easily be determined whether they are using a new version keyboard or an old version of it. The keyboard buttons arrangement also have been arranged. However, this sort of update is not available to all users.

Another feature Community Setting has also been updated. In this feature, the community admins will be able to add the groups to communities. However, this feature is only available to group admins only.

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