How you can National Address Registration in KSA:

Table of Contents:

·       Introduction:

National Resident Registration is an essential requirement for all Saudi Residents as well as it will also include expatriates in it.  It was established by the Saudi Arabia government in order to develop the system, especially for a comprehensive database of all resident’s addresses in Saudi Arabia. This measure was taken in order to enhance the services and make delivery services more efficient. In this article, we will discuss the procedure that how we can do National Registration through Abshir App as well as Saudi Post Website (SPL).


  • Required Documents:

Following are the required documents for the Registration of a National Address in Saudi Arabia are mentioned below:

  1. Your building number.
  2. The district number.
  3. The ZIP code of your district.
  4. The city name in which you are living.

·        How you can do National Address Registration through Abshir App:


The following steps of the procedure are mentioned below:

  1. Initially, you have to log in to your Abshir account.


  1. Then click on the My Services
  2. Then click on the General Services
  3. Then select the National Address Service.
  4. On the next proceeding screen select the Register New National Address
  5. Then enter all of your details in it.
  6. Then select the Verify National Address
  7. Then enter your OTP which has been sent to your cell number.
  8. After all these steps press the Confirm Address Button.


·        How you can Register National Address through Saudi Post Website (SPL):


The following steps of the procedure are mentioned below:

  1. Initially, the individual has to visit SPL online website.


  1. Then log in to the SPL Website.
  2. Then click on the Addresses
  3. Then select the National Address
  4. Then enter the required details in it.
  5. Then click on Verify
  6. Then choose your Street
  7. Then enter your place details which you are living in it.
  8. Then, a confirmation message will be appeared on your screen.
  9. Then click on Yes


Once you have done the steps a message will be appeared on your screen that your National Address has been successfully Registered.


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