How you can Register Nafath App in Saudi Arabia:

Table of Contents:

·        Introduction:

Nafath is a revolutionary sort of App that is specially designed in order to empower individuals so they can easily access any government Portal in Saudi Arabia through it. In this article, we will discuss the Procedure through which we can register in the Nafath app and how we can activate the Nafath app on our cell phones.

·        Procedure:

The following steps of the procedure are mentioned below through which we can do registration in the Nafath app:

  1. Initially, download the Nafath app from the Google Store or Apple Store on your Mobile.
  2. After downloading the App open it on your Mobile.
  3. Now click on Activate
  4. Now enter your Iqama Number as well as your Absher Password.
  5. Now enter the Verification code that has been sent on your mobile.
  6. On the next appearing screen make your own password which should be a 6-PIN code for your account.
  7. Then activate the Face Verification.

·         Approval of Nafath Access:

In order to access any portal in Saudi Arabia first of all we have to approve the access through the Nafath App. The steps are mentioned below:

  1. Initially, open the Nafath app.
  2. The request received from the Portal will be scanned by the Application.
  3. Then click on Accept
  4. Select the exact digits that have been given on the portal website.
  5. Then enter the PIN number of your application.
  6. After completing the above-mentioned steps you have clearly approved the Nafath Application Request.
·         When it is required mostly:

It is required mostly when the individual wants to apply for the Family Visit Visa or other sort of Iqama and Visa Procedures.

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