Transferable Iqama. How to know whether your Iqama is transferable or not:

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction:
  2. .How to check your Iqama whether is transferable or not :
  3. How to transfer your Iqama:


As explained in a previous blog Iqama is a resident permit that is essential for any foreign worker in Saudi Arabia. It is issued to any foreign employee who is willing to work in Saudi Arabia until they are sponsored by any working employee in Saudi Arabia. In the past, the government of Saudi Arabia has set up the rule that if a foreign worker wanted to change their job then they have to obtain a new Iqama and should be sponsored by any new employee. In recent years, the Government of Saudi Arabia has modified this rule and made it more flexible in order to enhance the economy of the country and provide opportunities for new foreign workers. At present time, change it into the new rule that expatriates can easily change their jobs without obtaining new Iqama by transferring their sponsorship from one employee to another employee. It is not basically the right of an employee to transfer his/her Iqama but if it is mentioned in the Company contract then it is transferable


.How to check your Iqama whether is transferable or not :

Your Iqama is transferable until your employer is willing to transfer the sponsorship. In many cases, the companies do not agree upon the changing of the employee’s job. If they do not agree with it they have also one right that they can deport the employee under legal terms and no one can stop them from using their right. Or if your employer is not agreeing with your decision then it is not transferable.


How to transfer your Iqama:

It is explained already that it is in the hands of your employer so you must maintain good relations with him in order to transfer your Iqama.  However, in some sort of Professions, the transfer of Iqama is not possible like in domestic employees such as farmers who are not able to transfer their sponsorship to a business entity in the initial 7 years of their work.

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