New Update on Saudi Arabia Visa:

Table of Contents

·       Introduction:

In the past recent days, the Government of Saudi Arabia has made an announcement regarding the updates on Saudi Arabia Visas. On the Saudi Arabia visas, there was a traditional sticker on it but now it has been replaced, and advanced electronic visas will be provided to the travelers which is obtained through the scanning of a QR code at the airport.

·        Purpose of this Update:

The main purpose of this update was due to the following reasons which are mentioned below:

  1. This update was specially introduced for foreign travelers.
  2. The new system is intended in order to make the visa process more well-organized and in order to enhance the security system.
  3. To make the system well digitalized.
  4. To improve the tourism industry of the country.
  5. To prevent the cases of scams in the system.


·         Countries where this Update has been implanted:

This update regarding the visa process has been implanted in the seven countries since the date of 1 March which are mentioned below:

  1. United Arab Emirates
  2. India
  3. Jordan
  4. Egypt
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Indonesia
  7. Philippines
  • Conclusion:

This new updated system regarding the visa system in Saudi Arabia will facilitate the willing applicants to get numerous sorts of Visas from the Saudi Arabia Government. This new modernized and digitalized system will enhance the services of the system in order to provide best services to the travelers and update the new upcoming travel plans.

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