How to get a Hajj permit 2023:

Table of Contents

·       Introduction:

Many pilgrims from around the whole worldwide have been seeking the Hajj which is an important Islamic event for Muslims. As the month of Zil-Hajj is coming near the season will be at its peak in the year 2023 seeing the situation the Government of Saudi Arabia has announced to remove all the restrictions on the Hajj pilgrim numbers of all Muslims who are willing to perform the pilgrimage can perform it the minimum age Saudi Government has announced for Hajj this year is 12 years. However, those will be preferred more who doesn’t perform any Hajj yet.

·       Hajj Permit:

A Hajj permit is a specialized document issued by the Saudi Government to Hajj pilgrims the permit will allow the Hajj pilgrims to perform the Hajj in Saudi Arabia Holy cities. It is required for all non-Saudi Arabian residents and issued to those individuals who are eligible for it. If any individual does not have the Hajj permit and Hajj without it then they will be fined to them about USD 2,665 which is approximately equal to SAR 10,000. They can be deported or banned from Saudi Arabia.

·       Procedure for getting a Hajj permit:

In order to get the Hajj permit the pilgrims have to go through the Absher App and the steps which are required to be taken in the procedure are mentioned below:

  1. Initially, go to the Abshir App portal and log into the account.


  1. Then enter your civil registration number as well as your date of birth.
  2. After entering the required above-mentioned details and click on Issuing Hajj Permit.
  3. Then select the download option and then print your Hajj permit.
  • How to check the Hajj permit Status:

You can easily check your Hajj permit status by visiting the Official Website of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

  • Fee of Hajj permit:

The fee of a Hajj permit is free of cost only they are charging a fee for the whole Hajj package.

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