5 Best Coffee Cafes in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Coffee is manufactured from coffee plants by roasting the seeds of coffee plants. Considered the most popular beverage in the world. Originate from the origin of Ethiopia. Initially, it gained popularity through its introduction in Southern Arabia, then the first-ever Coffee house was established in Mecca in the 15 and 16 centuries. Then after it gained quite enough popularity it was introduced in European Countries in the 16 and 17 centuries. As it contains Caffeine that helps in boosting your energy level. Therefore, it is mostly consumed in the Middle East. There is such diversity in Coffee such as Latte, Black coffee, Cappucino, Iced Coffee, and other sorts of it depending upon their flavor, texture, and choice of the person vary from individual to individual.

Here are the 5 Best Coffee Cafes in the city of Riyadh that are quite popular for Coffee and highly recommended by the residents for the visitors that are fond of drinking Coffee:

  1. AL Masaa Café:

Al Masaa Café is the largest Coffee restaurant. It’s quite spacious and wide that the customers relish the beautiful view. Located in front of the Kingdom Tower in the city of  Riyadh. The staff is friendly and quite cooperative towards their customers. Indoor as well as outdoor sitting facilities both are available. A wide diversity of Coffees and deserts are available here. The Most recommended place by the Residents to visit with their friends, spouse, and family as well.

Address: Al Urubah Road, Al Wurud Riyyadh 11564,Saudi Arabia.


  1. Half Million:

Half Million is the well-liked Coffee shop in the city of Riyadh. Their Coffee varieties have wonderful and distinctive tastes and textures. Staff behavior is quite satisfactory towards the customers. The prices of coffee are affordable. Both eat-in and Drive-thru facilities are available here. Highly recommended for the families and friends visits. It is not nationally popular but it is also internationally as well. Its interior makes it attractive for those who want to hang out with their friends. Easily accessible for the customers.

Address: Dist, 7876Prince Muhhamad Ibn Abd Al Aziz, Al Olaya,3034 Riyadh12313, Saudi Arabia

  1. 23M Café:

One of the best coffee restaurants in the city of Riyadh. They have numerous attractive addition of Coffee or other sorts of Sweet desserts such as lattes and Ice cream as well. The environment is quite friendly and comfortable here. Staff behavior is quite satisfactory here. Only eat-in is available here. Highly recommended for families, and friends. The interior is highly attractive to the young generation.

Address: 8817 King Abdullah Branch Rd, Al Wahah Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

  1. 9 Street Café:

One of the top-notch Coffee Café in the city of Riyadh. They have great and attractive numerous varieties of coffee and desserts. The Interior of the Café is quite elegant and attracts customers to it. Highly Recommended for individuals that are fond of Hang-outs and outings with family and friends. Staff behavior is quite satisfactory and professional towards the customers. The environment of the café is quiet and suitable for those individuals that wanted to do work in such a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. The Interior of the Café is attractive and elegant the and sitting place is highly organized for the customers so they can sit there and enjoy their orders comfortably.

Address: Imam Saudi Bin Abdulaziz Bin Mohammad Road, Al Muruj, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

  1. Cacti:

Cacti is serving the best Lattes in Riyadh. Using the best ingredients they are providing high-quality lattes in the city of Riyadh. The Interior is decorated with elegant artwork which enhances the charm of the Coffee shop. The artwork attracts many people’s attention. Highly recommended for people which are fond of outings and Hangouts. They facilitate their customers with free home delivery. The atmosphere is the initial attribute of this Café. Customer services are commendable. Their services are available 24/7 hours. They Facilitate their customers as possible. The prices of their menu are quite affordable. The sitting area is highly organized for the customers. So they can sit and enjoy their orders comfortably.

Address: Ath, Thumamah Road, Qurtubah Riyadh Saudi Arabia.