Saudi Sisters Open Baqala

 Three Saudi sisters open ‘Baqala’

In Saudi Arabia, three Sisters have opened a Grosury Store in the Ashbelia neighborhood of Riyadh, which is very famous throughout the region. All three sisters had obstacles to open the door, but they fought the odds.

“Nine months ago, we started a business with my sisters in a Bakery shop,” The Saudi woman Said in an interview to a local journalist, according to newspaper 24. It has been gradually expanded and has now been converted to a Grosury store (Bakala) . ‘

“We have also started home delivery service as well,” one of the ladies told that there was no delivery man was available to deliver the goods to the home so we have deliver by our own. ‘

These three sisters expressed their determination to rent a store that was soon to be their own, as their business was growing steadily.

The local journalist heard The Noff’s idea and approached the shop owner, and the shop hired the three sisters and paid the next six months’ rent in his pocket.

Seeing the story of the struggle of the three sisters on social media, the General Authority of small and medium sized organizations (MANSAT) has encouraged Them by contacting Noff and her sisters.

Many Saudi investors and wealthy individuals are working hard to make the Saudi sisters business successful, the report said.

The ‘Bakala’, which started nine months ago, is going to be converted into a major food center.