Learn Arabic with “Madrasa” Application

‘Madrasa’ application to teach Arabic

The Open Digital Education website in the United Arab Emirates has developed a ‘Madrasa’ app to teach Arabic to more than 50 million students. Non-Arab students will also be able to learn Arabic with his help.
The announcement is on the Arabic-language World Day, which is celebrated on 18 December 2019.
According to Al-Bian, ‘Madrasa’ is the unique and largest website of its kind in the Arab world. It has connected more than 2 million people.
This is one of the international programs of Muhammad bin Rashid Al-Maktom.

The app provides a thousand arabic-language lessons through video.
The number of participants in the’Madrassa’ application has exceeded 2 million. On average, 6,000 new students are getting engaged daily.
Arabic language lessons are arranged for students of different stages.
The first group includes basic Arabic-language lessons, while the second group has primary-class Arabic lessons.

 The third-phase lesson presents 50% of the Arabic language teaching material.
In the fourth and final phase, 1,000 videos have been provided for students of each stage.
The madrassa application is developed by a group of experts. In this regard, the Ministry of Education and Training and the services of professors and scholars of Zaid University were also taken up. Lessons are selected based on field surveys.