KSA First 👷‍♀Female Hardware Shop

The girl opened the plumbing and construction equipment shop, challenging all the Saudi youth. Most shops in plumbing and construction equipment are driving male foreigners.

It’s quite challenging to compete for the male dominant market and specially selling plumbing and construction equipment.

I did not know what the plumbing work was done at the beginning, and what is involved in antique equipment and accessories,” said Shiba, referring to his ambitions in the “Alamati” program presented on Gulf Challenge Rutana. It was learned during the formation of Dubai in the city of UAE. She saw all these things in a showroom of UAE. Then she thought that why they did not open the plumbing and construction of a shop in DAMMAM Saudi Arabia .

Initially, some people boycotted her shop. Then, gradually they realized their mistake. They believed that the search for “Hallal Rizq” is a precious process. It should be valued. Now everyone has become my fan after opening a shop for plumbing and construction equipment. She said in the beginning that she had posted some male salesman in the shop and used to monitor the shop from distance. after some time, she hired some females salesforce these girls are now handling all the tasks. she said that now she has started getting a good profit from this shop.