Video Viral for Accepting Islam for Old Lady

We often hear the news of many people accepting Islam, but recently the news posted on Social media regarding the old lady in last moments of her life accepting Islam.

 She is admitted in London hospital, this video to accept Islam was viral on social media, which has got everyone’s attention. the woman was seen to take the last breath of her life and accepting Islam.

This video was featured maximum on the social networking sites other than Facebook & Twitter. In this video, the woman was recited to accept Islam in Arabic called (Qalma Shaadat ) and read the translation of the word in English. According to the post on Facebook, she was treated in the female hospital and was asking for help in a welfare ward.

The person who created the video said that as soon as I went to them she told me that I want to accept Islam, can you help me? After which the video maker, who recited the Qalma Shadat , after which he was sleeping in a relaxed manner.

At the end of the post, it is also written that when Allah claims to give guidance to a person, nobody can fool this person. According to this post, the Creator should be right after the weak old lady accepted Islam. Social media users liked this video very much and shared multiple times. Social media users said that unbelievable Islam is a true religion and religion right around the world. On the other hand, many people will continue to enter the circle of Islam, which is the testimony to be the religion of Islam. See also the video to accept the Muslim woman’s Islam: