How to check your Iqama Status through Online Platforms:

In past previous blogs, we have clearly discussed about Iqama introduction and how we can apply for Family iqama as well as for infant iqama  through online platform. If you doesn’t read the mentioned above blogs then the following blogs links are mentioned below you can easily go through the above mentioned blogs:




Table of Contents



· Iqama status check through the Absher App:

Iqama in Saudi Arabia has its own specific valid time but after the valid time is finished it will be expired so in order to check the Iqama status whether it is expired or not you can easily checked through the Absher app. The following steps will be taken in order to check the Iqama status through the Absher app.

  1. Initially, you have to go to Absher Portal.
  2. Then login into your Absher account if you have.


  1. Now enter the OTP that has sent on your cell phone.
  2. Then you have to click on Query IqamaExpirey Service.
  3. It will displayed your Iqama expiration date on your screen.


· Iqama Status Check without an Absher App:

In case of that you don’t have any Absher account on Absher App so following steps will be taken in order to check the expiration date of Iqama:

  1. Initially you have to visit the MoL portal.
  2. Then in the next step you have to enter your Iqama number.
  3. Then mentioned your date of birth.
  4. Now enter your captcha number and then select the next option.
  5. In the next following page, all your personal details along with your Iqama expiration date will be displayed on the screen.


·   What is Red-Green Iqama Status:

The red-green status of the Iqama is directly connected to a Saudi Kingdom program known as Nitaqat program. This program is especially designed for the companies or employees to categorized them whether they can easily pass the visa procedure. A green status will be more facilitated as compared to red status iqama as they will be allowed to renew its employee iqama on their behalf a well they can also transferred from one company to other companies. While Red status iqama companies are not facilitated with such above mentioned services.

·  Iqama Status Check through the border number:

There is an alternative method to check your iqama status  through your border number. Following mentioned steps will be taken in order to check the iqama status through your border number:

  1. Initially, you have to visit the Ministry of Labours Iqama Portal.
  2. Then in the next step you have to enter your Iqama number or Passport number or border number.
  3. Then enter your captcha number.
  4. Then click on the search button.
  5. Next screen will be appeared it will displayed your personal information as well as your iqama status on screen.