The Procedure of Applying Iqama for Infant in Saudi Arabia:

In previous blog we have discussed about the procedure of applying iqama (residence permit) for family in Saudi Arabia. If you didn’t read the blog the link is mentioned below you can go through it:


  • Introduction:

In any circumstances, a infant is born in a family that have residency in Saudi Arabia on basis of work visa then the infant iqama should be applied as it doesn’t matter the infant is born in Saudi Arabia or not. The complete procedure of applying iqama for infant is described below:

  • Required documents for Iqama:
  1. First of all birth certificate of Infant.
  2. Infant Passport.
  3. Fee payment of the dependent.
  4. Images of Infant
  5. Father passport copy
  6. Mother passport copy
  7. Father iqama copy.
  8. Mother iqama copy
  9. Vaccination card of Infant
  10. Marriage certificate (original copy) attested by Ministry of Affairs.
  11. Valid insurance copy.

Note: All the required documents should be submitted in the form of PDF.

  • In case, that infant is born outside of Saudi Arabia:

If the infant is born outside of Saudi Arabia then procedure is slightly different for that particular case. Following required documents are essential in this case:

  1. Passport page where border number is mentioned
  2. Visa stamped copy files of Passport
  3. Iqama fee payment of SAR 2000 for Infant
  4. Certificate of polio vaccination from the hospital.


  • Procedure for applying Iqama:

The steps of the procedure for applying iqama for the infant are described in the detail  which are mentioned below:

  1. Initially you should have an absher account on the Absher app.


  1. Then select the Services option which is under the tab of My Services.
  2. Then click on the Passport
  3. Then select the Tawasul
  4. After selecting the tawasul option a screen is opened where you have to click on New Request
  5. Then change the language of page from English to Arabic.
  6. Then select the sector named:

  1. Then select the service named Born outside the KSA.
  2. Now attached the required documents along your application.
  3. After your application is answered you received a message on your cell phone.
  4. Then again log in into your Absher account.
  5. Select the option General option.
  6. Then click on
  7. Then select the Tawasul service.
  8. Then click on Inquire for Request
  9. In case your request is accepted then you will be able to visit the Jawazat office.
  10. Bring the print of your Tawasul request along the above mentioned required documents to JJawazat office.
  11. The Jawazat employee will print your iqama for infant at the time.