The Procedure for applying Family Iqama in Saudi Arabia:


In the previous article, we discussed the procedure of applying for an Iqama (Residence permit) in Saudi Arabia for a foreign employee. If you do not have read the previous article the link is mentioned below you can read the article through it:


·       Introduction:

In any circumstances, the foreign employee has to settle down with his/her family in Saudi Arabia initially he/her family has to arrive in Saudi Arabia on a permanent family visa then they have to apply for iqama for all the family members in order to stay in Saudi Arabia.

·        Required Documents for Procedure:

  1. First you required medical insurance.
  2. The initial 90 days stay is free of cost in Saudi Arabia. After 90 days you have to pay fees of SAR 400 per family member every month.
  3. Now the passport and iqama copy of the sponsor.
  4. Images of each family member.
  5. Passport copies of each family member.
  6. The passport page where the arrival stamp is present.
  7. The passport page where the border number is been mentioned.

Note: All the above-mentioned documents, must be in form of PDF files for the procedure of applying family iqama.


·         Procedure for applying for Family Iqama:

First of all, you have to create an account on Absher App.


  1. Initially, you have to log in to your Absher account.
  2. Then click on the tab named Services under the bar of My Services.
  3. Then select the Passport
  4. Then select the Tawasul
  5. Then on the next upcoming screen select the New Request
  6. Then go to settings in order to change the language from English to Arabic
  7. Then select the below-mentioned sector and services:
  8. Note: Now enter the all border numbers of all the family members.
  9. Now attach all your required documents in PDF form along with your application.
  10. When your request is being responded a message will arrive on your cell phone.
  11. Next step is to log in to your Absher account and select the General Services
  12. Now click on Passports.
  13. Then again select the Tawasul Services where you have to select the option named Inquire for Requests.
  14. Then you see if your request is accepted then you are able to visit the Jawzat Office.
  15. Where you will have your Tawasul request printed and all the above-mentioned documents.

·         In case of not Applied Family Visa:

If a person gets a job in Saudi Arabia and works as a foreign employee and his/her family travels along with them without any family permanent visa then the children of the foreign employee will be registered under the category of dependents and his/her spouse will be registered under the category of sponsored.

·         Fee charges:

Regarding this matter, the fee will be charged to dependents will be SAR 2,000 and for sponsored iqama fee charges will be SAR 500.