Taif Best Desserts Places

There are several option available in Taif for cafe , restaurants however I found these 3 are the best for desserts lovers.

Crape Cafe





If you are looking for waffles and pancakes in Taif. There is this one place in Taif where u can find one of the best waffles you ever had it is called #Crepe café. They even have delicious shakes and coffees and all other types of hot beverages.


Queen Taste







When you come to Taif and enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful weather, don’t you ever leave the city without trying the best dessert in this place and take some to your hometown. This place has a wide range of Arabian sweets and #desserts, #cakes, cupcakes, pastries… The quality is high, and they are considered one of the best in Taif I recommend a visit to it, especially for those who have a sweet tooth. This place is called QUEEN TASTE it is fine bakery with lots of different pastries and deserts it also has cakes for any event or birthday, and they are quite delicious.








If you come to Taif in the summertime you will be probably be looking for some places to get ice cream because it will be sunny so you will want to go to FROZ. It is an ice cream parlor with many kinds of ice cream like popsicles, froyo, and soft serve ice cream and they have many flavors to choose from.