Launching of New visa system for skilled foreign workers in Japan:


 Table of Contents:


Eligibility for the Application

• Benefits of Visa



In recent previous days, an announcement was made through Immigration Service Agency of the Japanese government. In this announcement the Agency vividly made a statement in which they confessed that they will launch a new and uncomplicated visas especially for highly of international foreign workers especially it is a charming opportunity for Saudi Arabia workers as of Japan is providing such opportunity for foreign skilled professionals.

Eligibility for the Application:

Education: The applicant must have master degree.

Earning: The applicant must have to earned approximately about $151,000 per year.

• This advanced system is quite different from the previous system based upon the points and grant points to applicants based upon their income, academic as well as previous employment history.

All the advanced sort of researches, activities that came under the category of technical and business fields all these are applicable for this visa.

Benefits of Visa:

1. This visa will allow to those applicants who falls under the Above mentioned criteria of this 5-year visa in Japan.

2. Those applicants who are applying for cutting-edge business and broad exercises will be granted visa on basis of their previous work-record of approximately about years along with the annually income of about a million.

3. The applicants who meets the requirements of visa will also be able to get permanent visa after living in Japan for at least one year.


In order to form the best organized new system of visa that will be rank among the world the current prime minister of Japan Fumio Kishida advised the regarding ministries to considered such sort of reforms that will catch the attention of highly skilled professionals towards the visa opportunity in Japan in the month of February.

As it’s a great opportunity for Saudi Arabia residents as they will be able to represent their work at international level.