Top 5 Popular Perfume Brands in Saudi Arabia

top 5 perfume brands in saudi arabia

Perfume is actually a mixture of aromatic compounds presented in liquid form which gives Humans and other objects an attractive scent. Saudi Arabia has become popular in the Cosmetic and Fragrance industry in the past few years, with increasing awareness about personal hygiene and the glam of looking attractive. The Saudi people spend most income amount on these sorts of products. According to a survey, the Saudi Fragrance industry was estimated at a rate of $2,049.7 million in the year of 2021 Brand of Perfumes that make their place in the Fragrance industry of Saudi Arabia

  1. Swiss Arabian:


swiss arabian perfume top 5 perfume brand in saudi arabia


The Swiss Arabian perfume brand was established in the year of 1947 by Hussein Adam Ali. His owner belongs to Yemen has knowledge and passion for his work and makes his company top on best perfume manufacturer in the whole United Arab Emirates. Through its services and the quality of perfumes, it has made worldwide customers. Customers are impressed by their first experience with their company. People can easily get their signature perfumes from it. They give priority to customers’ interests and give their best to make their customers satisfied with the scent of their perfumes. Their most selling perfume products are Swiss Arabian Edge perfume for women/men. Through all of its services, it become of the top Perfume brands in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Rasasi

Rasasi TOP 5 perfume brand in saudi arabia


Rasasi Perfume Brand was established in 1979 by Mr. Abdul Razzak Kalsekar and it has become now a family-owned business. Now their sons are owning a business and expand the brand at the International level. They started their manufacturing in the year 2001. They have a large diversity of Perfumes. Prices of perfumes are quite reasonable. Customers are attracted by perfume bottle designs. It has built up its name in a decade. Through its efficient quality of perfumes, the customers are satisfied with its services.

  1. Attar Collection

Attar collection top 5 perfume brands in saudi arabia


Attar is used for fragrance purposes especially Muslims used it instead of Perfumes as perfumes contained components of Alcohol which is prohibited to wear during the time of offering prayers. Attar was invented by Persian physician Ibn Sina as he used to derive attar from different flowers through a distillation procedure. Attar collection manufactured Perfumes in the whole Middle East. It was established in 2015 through numerous brands collaboration like Luz Vaquero, Miroslav Petkov, Nuria Du Chene De Vere, Mustafa Firoz, etc. It is a newly emerged brand and made its place in the Perfume industry in a little time span. Most popular in Saudi Arabia and Dubai as Arab people like to spend money on Perfumes and cosmetic products.

  1. Ajmal

ajmal top 5 perfume brand in saudi arabia


Ajmal Perfume Brand was established in the year of 1951. Initially, it provides its perfume products in the Middle East only. Then in the year 1976, they moved toward the Middle East and opened their initial outlet in Dubai. The Brand’s main motive is to provide authentic perfumes to its customers and promote new ideas, and creativity in its products. Ajmal built up its name in the Fragrance industry in a decade. Through its excellent services and quality of products, they have made worldwide customers. Customers are quite inspired by their creativity and new innovations in their products.

  1. Arabian Oud:

arabian oud top 5 perfume brands in saudi arabia


Arabian Oud was established in the year of 1982. The Brand has made efforts in 30 years continuously and built up customers’ trust in it. It cooperates, chains about a maximum of 900 stores, and the selling rate is about 400 unique fragrances in whole worldwide. They had been awarded the most prestigious international companies in the perfume industry. They have expanded from the Middle East to western countries well-known for the quality and fragrance of their products. They built up their name with efforts and struggles over many years. Customers are quite satisfied with their services.