How to get Umrah Permit

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj says that the partially restoration of The Umarh pilgrim will begin with citizens and foreigners from the country.

The people who wish to visit and the age will get a permit from the ‘‘اعتمرنا’application.

The ministry said the ‘Reliable App will be launched from 27-September and will be downloaded by mobile users’.

The procedure for obtaining a permit to visit The Umar or The Mosque of Prophet Sharif through the application will be that you must first register yourself with an IQAMA ID card.

‘The application will have three options,

  • Umrah
  • prayer in Haram
  • prayer in the mosque of Prophet Sharif ( Riyadul Jannah )

click icon on one of these options.’

“After looking at the availability, the user will be given the day and time option which will be submitted to the centers set up in Mecca on the default day and time after the choice is made.”

“Details and locations of these centers will be released later. The official who is here must show his permit.’

After performing the umrah you must return same center.

The ministry has said that the user will have the option to stay in a hotel in Mecca after praying for the ‘Umrah’, although he will have to obtain a permit to pray in Haram.

Application Link

iOS :


“This code will apply to the residents of Mecca, in respect of Haram Sharif. If they want to pray in the harem, they have to get a permit for it.’