Sulaiman Al Rajhi A Generous person

Suleiman Al-Rajhi, one of the most generous people in the world,

A palm tree in a palm garden located in the city of Saudi Arabia “Al-Qasim” has more than 200,000 palm trees and it is dedicated to the cause of Allah. There are 45 types of palm trees in this garden, the annual production n here is 10 thousand tons of palm. This garden is the biggest dedication found in the ground. The income of this garden is used for the construction of the mosques in different countries of the world, charity work, and fasting in Harman Sharifin. This garden is dedicated to Saudi Arabia’s richest person, “Sulaiman AL-Jazeera”.

Childhood Story of Sulaiman Al Rajhi:

Sulaiman Al-Rajhi opened his eyes in poverty, he was studying in a school that one day the school administration formed a fun tour and asked every student to submit one Riyal, he goes home but parents do not have a Riyal, it cries a lot, the date of the tour is near, the result of his examination comes, he takes the position in class and a Palestinian teacher, he gives hin 1 Riyal. As times goes on, they complete their education and start working in Jeddah city by giving a room the name of a bank, in a short period of time, a network of banks is spread throughout Saudi Arabia. Sulaiman AL-Jazeera goes out in search of his Palestinian teacher, he meets the teacher. His teacher had retired, and the economic condition was not good such as burning the strove of the house have been difficult.

Rajhi puts his Palestinian teacher in the car and tells him that you have a loam above me. The teacher said which loan? Rajhi reminds his teacher that years ago you had given me 1 Riyal, the teacher smiles that you now want to return me ?..

Rajhi parks the car in front of a bungalow, in front of which a precious car is also standing, rajhi tells his teacher that his bungalow and the car are from now on, all your expenses will be ours. There are tears in the eyes of the teacher and he says that this magnificent bungalow and this expensive car, this is too much. Rajhi says that your happiness was more than my happiness when you gave me 1 Riyal. God does not waste such a person.

Suleiman AL-Rajhi called his children, wives, and loved ones in 2010 and distributed his wealth among them all and dedicated everything that came his way. At this time, the value of Sulaiman’s dedication is more than 0 billion Riyals. It is owned by the Saudi national company and Al Rajhi bank, which has given 170 million Riyals for coronavirus. And handed over two hotels within Makkah to the ministry of health. The garden is listed in the Guinness book of world records as the largest dedication. Forbes magazines have counted them among the twenty great generous people in the world. There is probably no city in Saudi Arabia, where mosques have not been built by the Al-Rajhi family, and you have the full support of the Da’wah centers, the Quranic charitable society, etc.

And the biggest thing is that they pay their employees before the end of the month, the number of employees is more than 1.5 million.