New Renewal of Driving License

Saudi Arabia department of Traffic Police has issued a new legal procedure for the renewal of driving license application.

This came in response to a question received by «Traffic Saudi», through his official account «Twitter» from one of his followers said, «I have a driver how to renew his license? “It was the earlier through of regenerating through Absher, but this time I could not.”

These are the following Steps

  • Pay the fees
  • Pay the violations,
  • conduct a medical examination

then reviewing the traffic at the driving school and applying for renewal,” he said.

The general conditions for the renewal of the driving license, provided for in the traffic law, include payment of the prescribed fees and fines if any, provided that the applicant for renewing the license is medically fit and provides recent personal photos, and his record is free of security notes. The renewal period shall commence from the date of expiry of the earlier driving license