Best Grill Restaurants in Jeddah

Outback steak house is one of the nest steak houses is Jeddah. They are very well-known company by locals and foreigners as it is an international brand.
This is a wonderful steakhouse with a nice atmosphere. The service and food are excellent. It’s nice place to enjoy BBQ steaks with friends or family. The staff are very professional, and the food is excellent.
They also very affordable options which are available at lunch time which start at to

Texas Roadhouse is an American steakhouse known for its Texan and Southwestern style steaks. Good lunch offer. Price ranges to 39. Timing hours is till 5pm only. You will get a complimentary bread and peanut as well. Drinks are unlimited.

Google Map Locations:,39.0826662,12z/data=!3m1!4b1

If you are looking for place for smoked beef or other smoked foods, then the smokehouse is your place. The restaurant is not your typical fine dining establishment, but it’s a great place for smoked ribs lovers.
Google Maps Locations:

Fire Grill is a Mexican restaurant that serves Mexican cuisine which is freshly prepared on the grill. Their food is tasty and the way they prepare your dish is nice – after selecting it, you can see it being prepared on the spot. The price is also very reasonable. However, their offerings are limited, for example there is no soup and no fresh juice.