No PCR needed for non-Saudis married to Saudis

Saudi Arabia government has announced that it will exclude foreign husbands of Saudi women and non-Saudi wives of Saudi men from presenting the PCR test which was mandatory for entry in Saudi Arabia.

An official source in the Interior ministry said that the decision was taken following of the epidemic situation and the recommendations of the relevant health department in the country. This decision is taken by the ministry after conducting a continuous assessment of the current situation regarding Covid at the global level and current situation in the country.

It has been decided to exclude Saudi husbands, Saudi wives, non-Saudi children and citizens parents and domestic workers accompanying citizens returning to Saudi Arabia from the conditions for presenting a PCR test before arriving in Saudi Arabia.

Is PCR needed for non-Saudis married to Saudis?

NO, PCR needed for non-Saudis married to Saudis