10 Amazing Places in Jeddah

The following are a few amazing facts about Jeddah. Jeddah is a city of Saudi Arabia in the middle of the eastern coast of the red sea known as Bride of the Red sea.

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Main Gateway to Makkah:

Jeddah city is the main gateway to the holy city of Islam, Makkah that’s is only 41 miles away.

Floating masjid in Jeddah:

A masjid with a scenic view located on red sea corniche Jeddah and is the center of attention for the public and pilgrims as well. It doesn’t really float but is supported by lofty pillars in the sea.

World’s largest unsupported flagpole:

It’s one of the famous pride landmarks of Jeddah.

The Globe roundabout designed by Julio La Fuente, a Spanish architect:

It’s an amazingly designed spot either to sight at day or night.

Tallest Water Fountain in the world:

King Fahad’s Fountain located in Jeddah is the tallest fountain in the world.

Al-Balad, UNESCO Heritage site:

Located in Jeddah, this beautiful place is UNESCO Heritage site is worth visiting.

Jeddah Tower future tallest building:

Once completed this splendid building will be the tallest tower in the world.

Belajio Resort:

Belajio resort is one of the best resorts situated in Jeddah and is the best one for a getaway.