Amazing Facts about Bir Haddaj

bir haddaj

What is the Bir Haddaj and why it’s mentioned in Bible?


Bir (Arabic word for well) #Haddaj is in Tabuk, province of Saudi Arabia. The Haddaj well is estimated to be more than 2500 years old. This ancient well in the center of the city had been used by many people who stopped by Tayma oasis on caravan routes for trade and pilgrimages. Tayma city was a prosperous city as it was an oasis town, source of water and famous place of meeting up of civilizations.

It is one of the famous ancient #well in Saudi Arabia and is known as it had been used for about 99 camels drew bucketloads of water at once. Haddaj well built in around 1000BCE by Babylonian King Nabonidus. It is around 12 meters deep and 13 meters in diameter.

In 1373H (1953), King Saud upgraded the well with four additional pumps to increase the production of water used for crops. The water from the well is used by many farmers nearby for watering the date palm farms.

Bir Haddaj in reference to Tayma is mentioned in #Bible : “The inhabitants of the land of tayma brought water to him that was thirsty, they prevented with their bread him that fled.” (Isa 21:14.7)

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