She Started Business Only 5 Riyal

Only Five Riyal (SAR ﷼): Women Who Started Business

A graduate of English literature, the woman has achieved a position in society in a very short time with her hard work and passion, which many people do not find even after years.

Nora al-Shamri, a woman who started the business from 5 Riyals, and today most of the royal family buys their hand-made items with great enthusiasm.

“My mother was a skilled in sewing, she trained me from the beginning by removing from the normal girls,” Shesaid, told the Newspaper.

Always keep me with me and teach me to dress and stitch with me in my time. ‘

“I became a specialist in sewing, embroidery, and couldn’t attend university because of the domestic situation after graduating in English literature, I thought why not make my art a social medium,” Nora added. ‘

I decided to try my luck. Mother tied me up, I had 5 Riyal , I went to the shop, took 3 wool-slicing sticks and bought 2 real wool. ‘

“I made a hat with 5 SAR sarees, now it was a problem how to sell a hat,” he said. I was thinking that a former class man came to meet me. When she saw this hat, she said, “I want to buy it, she gave me 20 reals, it was the first step of my success that burned my courage and I started making different items by buying those 20 Riyals.” ‘

“After my first success, i had a lot of students in college who started buying things from me and this continued,” Nora added. ‘

“I remember the day I bought 5 Riyals ‘One’ and made a hat, and today I buy at least 5,000 Riyals snout. ‘

“My work was appreciated by the Royal Family and many members of the royal family started buying my hand-made items, for royal families I make items in a unique way that are not kept in the general market, these things they buy from me to give to others,” Said Nora. ‘