outback steak house

Steak is a meat sort dish sliced from muscle. Easily cooked through grilling it. An alternative way to cook it is to easily fry it in a pan. As it meat sort dish so it’s quite expensive. The steak of different animals can also be available in numerous regions according to their specialty. Just have to be cut from the parallel side of muscle fibers. Steakhouses are those restaurants whose specialty is beef steak. Particularly, every state has numerous steakhouses which are well-liked for their steaks. But Saudi Arabia is a country where people are meat lovers, especially their residents. Here, we will look at some top-rating steakhouses in Riyadh


outback steak house

Location: شارع سعيد بن زيد، حي، Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Contact: +966920027043


Outback steakhouse serves tender and juicy steaks in Riyadh. Customers don’t regret coming here, Instead, they quite enjoyed their meals in a nice and clean environment. Especially inspired by the staff’s positive energy and always has a gentle smile on their faces during working hours. Prices of steaks are reasonable according to their steak quality. Residents come here to have their delicious meal with their loved ones, family, friends, or their colleagues and have an amazing experience here and appreciate the staff for their services.


2- Florya Steak Lounge

Location: King Abdul Aziz Rd, An Nafal, Riyadh 13312, Saudi Arabia

Contact: +966558606444


Inspired by Turkish food flora steak lounge now serves lavish dishes in Riyadh. A luxurious Turkish steakhouse has a huge area available for especially large families. The food here is delicious, especially steak. Steaks are tenderly juicy here. Staff behavior towards customers is kind and gentle. Services are fast the customers don’t have wait to long here. The Interior of the restaurant is elegant. Serving Turkish food in such an elegant way that people are satisfied with their services.

3- The Butcher Shop and Grill

Location: 8218، 8218 الطريق الدائري الشمالي الفرعي 3085 الرياض 12478 8218, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 11 410 1229


An Exquisite Restaurant presenting delicious meals in an inspiring way. Highly recommended for steak lovers. Staff behavior is quite friendly and cooperative towards customers, they recommend their dishes to try and the customers don’t regret it after acting upon their recommendation. Residents have a great experience after coming here. The steak here especially ribs is tender and juicy and the most popular dish on their menu. Prices are reasonable for their customers. The environment is quite hygienic and reasonable for families.

4-Wildfire Brazilian Steakhouse

Location: RDC Hotel & Convention, Crowne Plaza, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Contact: +966118131399


Luxiourus restaurant inspired by Brazilian food now presenting its services in Riyadh. A little bit expensive but their quality is appreciable. The environment of the restaurant is nice and clean. Customers enjoyed they have specific facility for customers that they chopped their steak in front of the customer and cut them into many slices they want. Their well-liked dishes on the menu are salad and steak. Customers don’t regret coming here. Customers can come with their families, friend, and their loved ones here.

5-Gurkan Sef  Steakhouse

Location: Al The zone mall، Al Takhassousi, Al Mohammadiyyah, Riyadh 12362, Saudi Arabia

Contact: +966545924007

Turkish-inspired restaurants especially have their importance for those people that are fond of Turkish food. Indoor and outdoor sitting areas are available for customers. Customers are satisfied with their services. Having unique varieties of steak. Highly recommended for steak lovers. The prices of steaks are affordable. The environment is cozy and comfortable for the families. Burgers and steak are the well-liked dishes on their menu. The Interior of the Restaurant is elegant. Customers don’t after coming here.