Honesty is the best policy

Riyadh: Saudi citizen gives 200,000 SAR gold worth gold to Pakistani employee who worked for 42 years

The famous saying that honesty is the best policy and that the one who works hard gets its fruit, the same fruit that the Pakistani elder, who is seeking a job in Saudi Arabia, was given a very valuable gift by his employer for 42 years of service.

A clip went viral on social media, with a Pakistani national being given a gift by 👳 Abdul Salam al-Mutlak, owner of the Saudi company #Al-Fanar, with 42 letters.

According to Arab media, the gold biscuit stake in the gift is worth around 200,000 rupees, while the box-writing 42 indicates that 42 years have passed since the person was employed.

The video shows the elderly Pakistani standing next to him as he stands by the owner of the gold basket, Abdul Salam Al-Mutalq, and says, “This gift 🎁 of gold is for Goldman.” 🏅

The company’s owner, Al-Mutalq, said the phrase in English, which is being widely praised on social media.