• #Dates are considering a sacred fruit in Islamic countries. The date palm 🌴 mentioned more than any other fruit-bearing plant in the QURAN is a symbol often associated with ISLAM and MUSLIMS. The date is also referred to in the HOLY QURAN as one of the blessings that would be offered in paradise.
  • Dates have been a staple food of the MIDDLE EAST and the INDUS VALLEY for thousands of years. Dates are the fruit that grows in tropical and desert climates, have an important place in MIDDLE EASTERN and NORTH AFRICAN cultures, as they mostly grow in these regions. Dates are considered as a symbol of power, triumph, abundance and faith.

  • It is a symbol of wealth and abundance and has a special place in Islamic history and culture.
  • Dates are a very popular RAMADAN staple native of the MIDDLE EAST and PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH used to advise eating them while breaking the fast. Dates are in a rich source of fiber and calcium which keep the body healthy.
  • Dates are a staple on IFTAR tables during RAMADAN.


There are different types of dates; the best and most precious one is the round-shaped, curled, black called “AJWA”. It is grown in MADINA. Dates might be one of the most beneficial fruit for humans. According to modern medicine, date has 10 elements which are crucial for human to stay healthy and fit