Top 5 places in Riyadh to visit

Riyadh is the Capital of Saudi Arabia and the largest city on the Arabian Peninsula. Located in the center of the an-Nafud desert, on the eastern part of the Najd plateau, the city sits at the average of 600 meters above sea level and receives about 5 million tourist each year which make it forty-ninth most visited city in the world.

If you visit Riyadh the top 5 places you must visit are given below.

  1. Kingdom Center Tower
  2. National Museum
  3. Al Masmak Fortress
  4. Al Nakheel Mall
  5. Riyadh Zoo

    Kingdom Center Tower

    Location: Center point, king Abdullah Rd, king Fahd, Riyadh 12271, Saudi Arabia

    Kingdom tower is said to be tallest building in Riyadh. Although it is the 3rd tallest building in world. Kingdom center is a 99-story 302.3m skyscraper in Riyadh. Tourists spend their leisure time in kingdom tower because it has highest point in town. The tower bridge offers fantastic view of entire city of Riyadh. The staff is very professional and cooperative. Kingdom tower is not any typical shopping mall its quite expensive where you can find LV, Gucci, Fendi, Dior these fancy brands. There is also a VOX cinema, they provide an excellent VIP service. It is famous to be the tallest building of Saudi Arabia during 2000’s. It exhibits a unique design chosen to symbolize the city of Riyadh. It has four entrances that separate the major use inside: 13 floors of office space at bottom, a 10 story four season hotel above offices, five level of luxury apartments, condominiums and the head quarters of kingdom holding company on 30th floor.

    National museum

    Location: Historical Center، King Abdul Aziz، Al Murabba, Riyadh 12631, Saudi Arabia

    The national museum is a major spot in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. It was established in 1999. It is part of king Abdulaziz Historical center in Riyadh. The museum is a center of cultural and civilization of Arabia peninsula. The museum consists of eight galleries, Man the universe, Arabian kingdoms, the pre-Islam era, Prophet Mohammad Mission, Islam and the Arabian Peninsula, First and Second Saudi States, the unification and hajj and the two Holy mosque’s All these galleries creates collectively a modern educational environment, if any tourist visit the museum they will appreciate the facilities and exhibition of this institution.

    Al Masmak Fortress

    Location: Al Imam Turki Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Muhammad, Ad Dirah, Riyadh 12652, Saudi Arabia

    Al masmak Fortress is a 150 year old in heart of Riyadh. It has very mysterious history. 1902, king Abdulaziz captured this fortress and took control of Riyadh after having lived in exile in Kuwait. From this fortress Abdulaziz Al Saud conquered different kingdoms and provinces that make up Saudi Arabia nation. Initially, it was used to house the garrisons who protected the city, later on after the said by King Abdulaziz it is used as prison. Today the resorted building is used as museum. Tourist visit museum can explore the root’s of Saudi Arabia.

    Al Nakeel Mall

    Exit 9، Al Imam Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Branch Rd, Al Mughrizat, Riyadh 11564, Saudi Arabia

    Al Nakeel Mall is decent elegant mall. It consist of more than 200 stores of worlds important and popular brands, cafes and retail stores. The second floor of mall provides a balanced and positive traffic flow between the major shop’s, diving room and family entertainment area. The workers of the mall are quite cooperative and provide visitors information about ATM’s and brands etc.

    Riyadh zoo

    Location: Mosab Ibn Umair St, الإحساء، Riyadh Saudi Arabia

    Mosab Ibn Umair Riyadh founded it 1957. It is a nice place for children. They have lots of animals and zoo birds. Starting with flamingo at the entrance they have panthers, tigers, lions, chimpanzee, gorilla, elegphants, zebra, giraffe and many endangered animals as well as there are a few snack outlets and two mini trains. The zoo is usually closed on Sundays. Winter season is a pleasant time to visit there.