Seven Significant AI Courses launched by Google for Free of cost:

Table of Contents:

·  Introduction:

Google is a multi-international company especially based on technology and Artificial Intelligence. It was launched by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the year of 1998. It becomes one of the most influential and recognizable companies overall the world. The company’s main objective is to collect data about all sorts of objects of the world and organize it in the form of accurate information that is accessible as well as useful to all people present in every region of the world. Recently, Google has launched seven significant courses which are totally non-profit regarding Artificial Intelligence. The main purpose of launching these courses is to Advanced your cloud career.

·        The AI-Offered Courses:

The seven Artificial Intelligence courses launched by Google are mentioned below:

  1. Large Language Models.
  2. Image Generation.
  3. Transformer Models.
  4. Generative AI.
  5. Advanced Machine Learning Courses.
  6. Natural Language Processing.
  7. Tensor Flow on Google Cloud.

Other related courses are also launched which are covered under these topics.

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