Bubble Show in Jeddah

What a mind-blowing and astonishing show it was – The bubble show held outside Gate 7 of Andulas mall. It was a unique show specially for family and kids. Though every group age has enjoyed the show. A three days event started from 31st January till 1st February 2020 wrapped up splendidly.

There were three shows per night i.e 8:30 pm, 9:30 pm and 10:40 pm and all on time almost. On the show public enjoyed the attractive presentation of soap and smoke bubbles. The team of two people presented every size of bubbles tiny to huge ones and bubble inside bubbles. Along with that there were amazing combination of soap and smoke bubbles that were unique of their kind.

To make the show even more interesting they involved the audience and allowed kids and adults in multiple activities of bubble making.

Followed by bubble show there was a magic show as well which inspired everyone a lot. Kids were super happy, excited and sully involved in the show. Few kids from audience were selected to experience passing through the huge bubbles.

At the end of the show a clown came and with his funny moves tuned the environment to hilarious mode. He gathered all the kids from the hall near to the stage and had dance with them on kids’ favorite music. And so, it concluded up with immense smile

We hope to perceive more family events soon…!!