Car Insurance discount for KSA Woman

News about Saudi women driving :
Saudi Arabia announced that it would allow women to drive, ending a long-standing policy Saudi leaders also hope the new policy will help the economy by increasing women participation in the workplace Saudi Arabia is expected to give impetus to the economy in several sectors from car sales to insurance. Despite competitive pressure on car insurance companies to lower their prices in Saudi market, it is expected that Saudi index will rise about 1.8 percent through wide gains in insurance and petrochemicals .but there is a difference between the car insurance fee for women and men.

A Saudi insurance company has offered a women 15% discount .but this offer will be enforced till July 24, 2018. Samir Mohammed, a company customer service, told the local newspaper women insurance documents will also include roadside assistant service, which will provide training to women . This service will be given only to women as an additional service and it is not available for men.
Women driving will have the greatest impact in improving and reducing traffic accidents because of the nature of women and their keenness to follow traffic laws and regulations. Statistically, women are safer drivers, which means they are also less likely to file the claim then men. Therefore, they will generally pay less for car insurance.