A few youngsters fired a car on a woman’s driving in KSA

Despite the government’s permission in Saudi Arabia, some male youths threatened to drive a woman 👩and then burned the car.🔥

Saudi Arabia came to see historical measures in the last few months, including setting up cinemas and for the first time, women were also allowed to drive women, for which they have officially issued driving licenses from June 24, but still, Saudi Women’s problems have not been resolved completely.

A Saudi woman, giving the local media interview, said that some youths are depriving them of the main right to drive and not only harassment but they are also threatened, but later, some youth burned her car.

According to a 33-year-old resident of Mecca city of Saudi Arabia, youth says women should not drive. On the other hand, this incident is increasingly circulating on social media, which is being described as a radical incident by citizens.


According to reports, 2 people were arrested for harassment and carriage of women.