Top 5 Historical Landmarks in Saudi Arabia:

Contents Introduction: List of Historical Landmarks: Jubbah Hail: Madain Saleh:  Mount Uhad: Ushaiqer Heritage Village: Hajaz Railway Museum: Introduction: The History o Saudi Arabia has been proceeding thousands of years ago and as time passes it has become home to many different civilizations. Since the origination of Islam, numerous Battles occurs on the landmarks of…

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Corona Virus Passenger Screening

KSA Airports Screening Passengers From China

Saudi Arabia ✈️ Airports screening passengers are coming from China due to Corona Virus Outbreak. Any flights coming from China to Saudi Arabia Medical👨‍⚕ teams at airports are ready to screen all passengers to ensure that they are not infected with the deadly new Coronavirus that has spread in China.😷 باعتقادي يجب النظر في عدم…

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