Introduction of Schengen-Style GCC Visa 2023:

·       Introduction:

In order, to make travel more accessible and faster the Gulf Cooperation Council GCC has introduced a GCC visa for Arab countries that is quite similar to the Schengen Visa of the Europe country. It includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia as well as UAE. This specified visa will only allow those individuals that are GCC residents to travel without any sort of Visa to those countries which come under the Council. It is specially designed for tourists and businessmen so they can travel conveniently in order to enhance the country’s economy and raise the ratio of traveling in the region.

·       Benefits:

Due to the following mentioned benefits the implementation of GCC visa is about to make for the Arab countries:

  1. It will raise the tourism rate in the countries that come under the GCC.
  2. Making traveling for travelers more easier and accessible.
  3. It will also help to enhance the economy of the countries.
  4. It will help the countries to achieve their target goals.

·         Launch Date:

Hence, the implementation of the GCC visa is still a little bit under observation so its launching date is not still verified yet. The date will be updated when it is verified by the authorities.

Note: The fees  and procedure of applying for the GCC visa is not verified yet it will be until the authorities make an official announcement about it.

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