The procedure of Registration for Itikaf in Madinah Munawarrah:

Itikaf is an Islamic practice where a Muslim isolated himself from the world’s activities in the mosque or other specific, especially during the last ten days of the Holy month of Ramadan. During I’tikaf, a Muslim focus only on the worship of Allah during the period of I’tikaf the person completely makes himself cut off from world affairs and activities. The word I’tikaf has been derived from the Arabic word Akaafa which means to be in one place and abandon all world activities. It is not compulsory worship but exceedingly recommended. Madinah is the second holiest city in Islam. Every year, many Muslims travel to Madinah city in the month of Ramadan to perform I’tikaf. Here is the procedure to register for Itikaf in Madinah Munawarrah:

  1. Initially, you have to download the Visitor app and the link of App is given below:

For  Apple:

For Google:

  1. Then after opening the app, you have to select Your Language.
  2. Then select My Services from the bottom.
  3. Then click on the Create New
  4. Then fill up all your details and then click on the SignUp
  5. Then again select My Services from the bottom bar.
  6. Then click on Itikaf Service.
  7. Then select ID Type and enter your date of Birth (Hijri).

Hijri Date Converter:

  1. Now then click on the Send

Important Note: After your Registration process is complete you can check your Madinah Munawwarah Itikaf permit by clicking on the option of Service and then selecting the Itikaf Service through the above-mentioned app.